We all want a stunning and sleek interior space – but it must also feel right. The energy must flow well from room to room, allowing each space it’s own personality.

Because of this, placement matters. Furniture placement, where your art hangs, how your lighting impacts the overall space… matters.

By understanding the principles of Feng Shui, a Chinese system of harmonizing environments and elements – we can create any desired atmosphere in your home. In this series we’ll explore basic elements of Feng Shui, and things you can do on your own to incorporate harmony in your dwelling:

Be Clean
Simple. Clean your home. Nothing makes a home look more inviting and welcoming than a clean living room with some hardback books laid out upon a coffee table.

Keep the clutter out by organizing your things and keeping things where they belong.  There are entire shows on network television now dedicated to the healthy habit of organizing your home and having appropriate spaces for things. There are other shows, that highlight the overwhelming feeling and sometimes mental overload that comes from clutter.

Dust the floorboards and ceiling fans and change the light bulbs on the porches often to create a safe and visible atmosphere.

Be Strategic and Open Channels
Don’t place furniture (or anything really) in the middle of rooms or entryways, as these can block the flow of energy that moves in the home. Do you have a wall or dead end in your home that seems out of place? Add a floor-length mirror to create an illusion of a bigger room or space.

Add Shapes and Colors
Shapes and colors are both core elements of design and can do wonders to revamp the interior decor of a home.

To stay strict to Feng Shui principles, use rounded or oval tables when you can, and white plates to allow the food to be the focal point of the meal in your dining room.

Throughout, opt for wooden tables and soft fabric chairs instead of glass counter tops or metal table tops.

Check back soon for more Feng Shui principles you can incorporate in your home to help define your personal energy in your living space.