The sixties – that’s right, we’re talking about the hippy-love and flowery years of America’s past that still resonates with many designers of all types – fashion, interior and even automotive – to this day.

The sixties flower passion introduced a free-love theme into interior decor that is now incorporated into warm pastel colors and floral designs. The trends also noted sleek straight-line furniture as well as bright citrus colors.

One of the main contributions that the sixties gave interior design is the use of feature walls, that is, walls that have bright striking patterns or designs that catch your eye. Most times there was one main feature wall within a room.

Other fun contributions from this special decade were colorful wall art and prints like the famous Andy Warhol or film posters, as well as bright and eccentric kitchen appliances as entertaining in ones’ home because much less formal than it had been in years past.

It was a fun time to be alive – and it brought us colorful and interesting design elements – many of which – have stuck around through the decades.

Image above from Architectural Digest.Check out this Architectural Digest gallery of prominent designers and their work from this colorful decade.